Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fridge on notice

I have officially put my fridge on notice. And my landlord is soon to join that list, because oh my goodness, the apartment has been nothing but a headache for the last month.

The window that was supposed to be fixed isn't, we didn't get access to mail until the 20th, which meant my tuition bill sat there for a month, and almost got paid late. And the worst of it all, the fridge.

Oh, the *bleepity bleep bleep bleeping* fridge.

Freezer works, fridge doesn't. Immense amount of groceries spoiled in the fridge. Milk, the rest of the dairy, things melting. After 5 e-mails to the landlord's account, I finally get a response. Landlord's solution is to unplug it, let it thaw and plug it back in, which sounds like such a solid fix. Didn't work. It took 2 more e-mails to finally get him to agree to a repairman coming in.

So now, I'm sitting at the apartment, with the boys, waiting for the repairman. The boys insisted that they come, so the repairman "can't rip me off," and no matter how many times I explain that he can't because the landlord is paying for it, they're all here anyway.

So now we wait. Fridge, you are SO on notice.


Marla said...

Oh gosh. That's sucks.

I totally got a speeding ticket today... I didn't deserve it either, but heck- there goes $198.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

And good luck with your fridge.