Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Now I really have jumped on the bandwagon. I think I shall declare myself a Shredhead. Click on that link if you wanna join in the pain, I mean fun. This is all Christina's fault, and you are to blame her in my obituary if Jillian Michaels kills me.

So with no further ado, let the honesty begin!

a) Before pictures
Haha, you are funny. Between not being comfortable with my weight and not releasing my real name or location, pictures are a no no.

b) Tag Line
Bathing Suit Body by 2010 (I'm being realistic, peeps. If I lose as much weight as I want to by the summer, I'd have developed an eating disorder. Slow and steady)

c) Weight
190 lbs. (Did I REALLY just write that? Oh shit, I did)

d) Goal
140 or less.

e) Diet Plan
More veggies, less chocolate. More meals. I only eat twice daily, its probably not helping my metabolism much.

f) Personal Rules (not eating carbs, only drinking water)
No girly pushups, no fast food, nothing pre-prepared (no microwavable dinners).

g) Shred Plan (how often, what level, etc.)
At least 5 times a week, preferably 6 or 7. Level 2 or higher, and no less than 5 lb weights, dangit.

I'm going to be realistic with myself. A loss or gain of a pound or two doesn't make or break. Its usually water or a food baby. I'll celebrate or kick myself in the butt if its 5 pounds or more. I'm using heavier weights and doing the more advanced moves because I'm an athlete, I can take the butt kicking.

Wish me luck!


jennster said...

GOOD LUCK and be careful! definitely need to eat more- but you know that already! i'm always surprised when i lose weight and i eat more.... never made sense to me, but whatever works! *stuffs face*

The Grown Up Teenager said...

@ jennster No doubt, eh? The more I eat, the more weight I lose? Sounds backwards, but I'm game. (Typed while munching on crackers! HA!)