Saturday, February 27, 2010

I thought Canadians had a reputation for class

Oh how I love a good controversy. And of course, I love hockey. You mix the two, and I am definitely interested.

The Canadian women's hockey team won gold last night, in what was an awesome game. However, the gold has been tarnished by a bunch of pictures that have leaked out of the women drinking and smoking, while still in uniform and wearing medals, at centre ice after the game. This even prompted an IOC investigation.

It also prompted a very quick apology from the Canadian team, always followed by "But we worked so hard to earn this!" On this issue, I can't help but agree with the IOC. This lovely display was offside, and unnecessary.

Is this really a picture of the most elite athletes in the world? The ones I want representing my country on a world stage? Not at all. I'm fully aware that athletes party after games. I've participated in a few of them myself, being an active athlete. But not a single one of them has ever been on the ice surface. We've never been in uniform.

People have accused the public of being sexist, saying that if the men's team did the same thing, we wouldn't be as critical. The men have never done that. Restrict your partying to the dressing room, or outside the venue.

While you're in uniform, you represent this country. Drinking (some underage), and smoking (illegal inside) isn't what I want someone representing Canada to do, especially in a public venue when the press are present.

Way to tarnish your medal, ladies. Let's hope the guys can accept their medal (be it gold or silver) on Sunday with more class.


Marla said...

I totally agree. They need to realize that they agreed long ago to be role-models for thousands of young people around the world. I don't care if they party, but the need to be a little more respectful about it.