Thursday, February 5, 2009


*Update below*

So today's the first day of volunteering, or as I more appropriately refer to it, volun-told-ing. I don't think it counts as volunteering if you're not doing it voluntarily, and I'm sure not. I've got 15 hours of volunteer work (or community service, if you so desire) to complete to make this whole taking-something-that-wasn't-mine thang go away.

The fact that I can make it go away: mad awesome. But I'd prefer paying someone off to doing this. I had to go community service in high school too (a graduation requirement, don't worry, I'm not a habitual criminal) but for them, I could pick and choose when, where and with who I did it, as long as I had the hours done by diploma day. With this program, they pick.

So I'm volun-told-ing at a thrift store, run by a church. For 15 hours. I can barely stand to be in a thrift store for 15 minutes to look for something that can be repurposed into a costume for Halloween. Other than that, I don't set foot in them but to drop off used clothing. They're depressing to me! And man, I don't need help with depressed right now.

And on top of it all, I'm running on 5 hours sleep, max, because hi, I'm stressed and I don't sleep when I'm stressed. Boy oh boy, this should be fun.

*Update: It wasn't too terribly bad. I was picking clothes off racks and tossing them in bags, which sure doesn't take rocket science. It was a long day, being on my feet on tile floor all day, but I'd rather do two long days and get this over with quickly than drag it out. 8 hours down, 7 to go.*