Saturday, February 21, 2009

30 Day Shred

Oh yes I did. I jumped on the bandwagon. I jumped on, and am waving my bandwagon flag.

Actually, no, not yet. I just bought the damn DVD, so don't bring out the torches. I've got a pair of 3 lb weights and a pair of 5 lb weights. I really want to push myself with this, because as a former athlete, being out of shape is even more bothersome for me. Hopefully, I'll need the 8 lbers I've already got pretty soon.

Either way, the Shred starts on Monday. Why wait, you ask? Psh. Cause Monday is when I have the house to myself and can sweat and curse at Jillian Michaels in privacy. And lord knows there will be some sweating and swearing going on, from the looks of this DVD.

Have any of you done the Shred? Comments and suggestions, or reviews, are totally welcome.


koodoll said...

Oh the Shred! My girlfriend told me everyone loves(and hates) the Shred. I'm going to buy the DVD soon too! How is it working out? Is getting in shape worth it if I kill myself in the process, lol?

The Grown Up Teenager said...

The Shred is a bugger. It really will kick your butt. I'm being tougher on myself, using heavier weights and doing the "hard" version of the exercises because past athleticism dictates I can.

Check my new Shredheads post, if you want to get in on the action. Its always good to have some support.