Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our asses make a cute couple?

I Twittered an abbreviated version of this amusing anecdote earlier and got some funny reactions, so I figured, for your reading pleasure, I'd tell you the story.

I have tutorials for my large history classes. It's standard fare. The class is broken down into small groups (20 or less) and we split up and discuss, rather than being talked at all the time. It's awesome.

In my group, there's a gay guy. He's pure, flaming gay awesome (I mention this for an important point in my story, and I don't exaggerate, he told a girl he had the same sweater as her in a different colour. Boy wears womens clothes), and we've already become buddies. He's hilarious.

There's also a guy that is dang good looking. Like the type you look at and the first thought is yum. He also happens to be a very nice guy, which is welcome. We're in the same group of 3 for presentations too, which is insanely convenient. He's hot, plain and simple.

We were leaving class today, and hot guy and I are walking and talking. The other guy is lagging behind, tapping away on his Crackberry. I notice we're leaving him behind and yell back to make sure he's coming. Once the hot guy takes off to his next class, the gay guy catches up to me in seconds, and the following conversation ensues:

Him: You know what, you two make a cute couple, even from the back.
Me: You were lagging behind intentionally?
Him: Oh yes.
Me: You were checking out our asses?!
Him: Well, his more than yours, but the point still stands. Hot couple. I was kinda hoping you'd pounce him.
Me: I barely know him.
Him: What better way to get to know someone than by pouncing?
Me: Well, you could try, "Hi, how are you?"
Him: So conventional. Jump his bones, sistah.

University education at its finest.


bethany actually said...

That is an AWESOME story. "So conventional." I love it! And it actually did make me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing! :-)