Monday, April 6, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Between dealing with cramming a lot of school work into one week, exams and friends being stupid, all it would have been was ranting posts, and seriously, who wants to read ten of those in a row? No one, that's who. Anyway, that's all over now, and I'll keep you posted on the transfer process. Now to the real entry.

I told one of my friends a bold faced lie yesterday. Bold. Faced. Lie. I said I was working when I wasn't. I just started a new job on the weekend, and I'm already using it as an excuse to get away from friends. Um...oops?

The thing is, she's driving me bananas. We're looking for a place for next year, and usually, she's the quieter, more reserved one of the two of us, but lately, she's been drinking out of my vodka bottle water bottle and has moved to beyond pushy. We've agreed on a few terms: she wants to be close to campus, I want utilities included and laundry on site, and yet I keep getting ads that are miles from campus, hydro is extra and the "laundromat is just down the street."

No. Just no.

I've been burned by having to pay hydro before, when it skyrocketed in the winter due to shitty insulation, and I'm not doing it again. I also don't want to load my laundry in the back of my truck and drive it somewhere just to wash it. This seems reasonable to me, and it seems stupid to even look at places that don't have the things we want. Its a waste of my time, her time and the poor landlord's time.

So anyway, she booked appointments this morning for two places that don't meet what we want, so I lied. Yes I did. I lied and said I had to work, and that if they were worth checking out, she should let me know. It seemed easier that biting her head off, which is what my initial urge was. So there. I'm a lying lie liar. And I'm okay with it, because right now, its saving my sanity from looking at a basement apartment without laundry, hydro extra.


Lost In Splendor said...

I totally agree with you on the lie. It is such a waste of your time to see all these places you know that your don't want. I would be HIGHLY annoyed. Plus these landlords just don't need to be jerked around showing places to uninterested tenants. Ugg. I hope your both able to work it out.

Marla said...

Sometimes it's better to lie. You could bite her head off and be a total bitch, or you could lie to let her down easier.

Plus, you're saving time and that's always a good thing. :D

The Grown Up Teenager said...

@Lost In Splendor - No doubt, eh? I pity the landlords who get excited that someone wants to rent their place and then get a no.

Her mom is also interfering with our decisions now. Everything is "we like" this one the best. You're in your 20s, darling. The only "we" here is you and I, because WE are the ones moving in. So yeah, my annoyance level is really high right now.

@ Marla - Better to lie indeed. It kept me from having a hissy on her, which is good. And I never considered the time saving aspect. Haha :)